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Facebook Statistics

Two decades after its founding, Facebook is still as applicable as it was back also. The rearmost Facebook statistics paint a picture of Facebook’s dominance in the social media geography.

Despite mounting competition from lately surfaced platforms like TikTok, the network has grown to an unequalled 3.07 billion yearly active druggies. In other words, it’s the world’s most used social media platform.

What kind of Facebook statistics are covered? Then they are

  • General Facebook data
  • Facebook operation statistics
  • Facebook demographics statistics
  • Facebook engagement statistics
  • Facebook business statistics
  • Facebook advertising statistic

Whether you ’re a marketer, a business proprietor, or just a curious social media sucker, these Facebook statistics will offer a deeper understanding of the world’s most popular social network.

General Facebook Facts

There’s a saying that if Facebook were a country, it would be the largest country in the world by population.

This shows just how numerous druggies are on Facebook.

Then are some amazing general Facebook statistics that showcase this giant social media platform’s tremendous reach, influence, and continued applicability in 2024

1. Facebook has3.070 billion yearly active druggies( MAUs)

As of Q4 2023, Facebook has over 3.070 billion yearly active druggies( MAUs), making it the largest social media app in the world.

2. Facebook has2.11 billion diurnal active druggies( DAUs)

What’s interesting is that there is nearly half a possibility of a Facebook rule to log in to Facebook every one day. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the diurnal energetic druggies of fb ( DAU) reached 2.011 billion, an increase of 6 Y- O-Y.

3. 38.7 of the global population uses Facebook yearly

To put effects in a new perspective, roughly 38.7% of the global followership uses Facebook yearly. To put effects in a new perspective, roughly 38.47% of the global followership uses Facebook yearly. So, no surprise that it’s the most habituated social media platform in the world, with a growth of 6 time-over-year.

4. Facebook is the third most accepted app in the world

Facebook is the third most popular app among Android druggies in the US, while Google Chrome and Google hold the first and alternate positions. Facebook is also the third most visited website in the world.

5. Meta generated a whopping $134.90 billion in profit in 2023

Meta generated a total profit of$134.90 billion in 2024, and$40.11 billion of that came in the final quarter of 2023. When compared to 2022, the profit increased by 25 Q- o- Q and 16 Y- o-Y.

Facebook Operation Statistics

The average number of time people spend on Facebook has gradually dropped.

While people are spending lower time on Facebook recently compared to newer, flashier apps, the platform still receives 30.8 twinkles of concentrated attention daily.

This remains a strong number and good news, especially for marketers hoping to reach Facebook’s vast cult.

Then are some of the crucial Facebook operation statistics that will help you understand how people are using the platform.

6. U.S. druggies spend an normal of 30.9 twinkles per day on Facebook

An average Facebook stoner in the United States spent 30.9 twinkles daily or15.45 hours monthly on the platform in 2023, making it the fifth most engaging social media app. TikTok holds the first spot with 53.8 twinkles, while YouTube comes second with 48.7 twinkles daily.

7. 81.8 of Facebook’s mobile app druggies use Android bias

As of July 2021,81.8 of Facebook’s mobile druggies progressed 18 penetrated the platform via an app from an Android device. While 14.8% of druggies penetrated Facebook via an app on an iOS device, and 3.4% of druggies used the platform from a mobile web cybersurfer.

8. 31 of American druggies regularly get news on Facebook

Regarding where Americans get regular news updates, Facebook outpaces nearly all social media websites. A whopping 31% of druggies say they regularly get news from Facebook.

9. Facebook use among teens in the US dropped from 71 to 32

Over the times, Facebook has witnessed a significant downfall in its fashionability. According to a report, Facebook use among teenagers in the US dropped from 71 in 2014 – 2015 to 32 in 2022. This Facebook trend displays a 39 drop in teen operation.

10. The 25 – 34 age group makes up the largest followership on Facebook

A recent study of Facebook age demographics shows that the 25 to 34 age group has the loftiest number of Facebook druggies.29.9 of all active Facebook druggies fall within this range.

This is followed by the 18 – 24 age group, which makes up 21.5 of all Facebook druggies worldwide. Together, these two greatest age demographics of fb druggies make up 51.4 of all operative Facebook druggies.

popular among males

11. 72.13 of internet druggies in the United States use Facebook regularly

roughly 72.13% of internet druggies in the United States used Facebook regularly, a jump from 2022’s71.43.

12. Only 18 of Americans suppose the platform protects their sequestration and data

When it comes to trust, social media druggies do n’t trust Facebook. In 2022, only 18 of Facebook druggies allowed the platform to defend their sequestration and data, down from 27 in 2021. This is the smallest among all the social media platforms, with Twitter at 23 and TikTok at 24.

13. Indians make up the largest stoner base on Facebook, with 315 million druggies

The countries with the largest figures of Facebook druggies

  • India 315 million
  • USA 175 million
  • Indonesia 119.9 million
  • Brazil 109.05 million
  • Mexico 83.75 million

14. 56.3 of the population of Facebook is manly

Men make up the maturity of Facebook’s stoner base. As of January 2023,53.6 of all active Facebook druggies are manly, compared to 43.7 who are womanish.

Population of Facebook

15. 7 of Gen Z druggies plan to quit Facebook in 2023

About 25 of Gen Z druggies in America intend to use the network less constantly in 2023. 7 of druggies between the periods of 18 and 25 intend to quit theplatform. However, Facebook still offers a wealth of marketing openings, If marketers know their target group.

16. Teens are less likely to be using Facebook

With new social media platforms feeding specifically to the youthful cult, Facebook no longer enjoys the pious teen following it commanded a decade agone . Recent exploration reveals that only 33 of surveyed teenagers reported using Facebook moment, a steep drop from 71 in 2014- 2015.

The exploration also shows that only 19 of teens use Facebook daily, lagging far behind YouTube, which is at the top, getting diurnal visits from 71 of its teen druggies daily.

Facebook Engagement Statistics

Engagement is the most valuable cash on any social media platform.

It’s not just about people subscribing up; it’s about them showing up and interacting with other posts authentically. Facebook’s engagement stats will make you reevaluate how you see online commerce.

Our Facebook engagement statistics will exfoliate light on the kind of content that resonates with Facebook’s followership.

17. Over 1 billion Stories get participated across Facebook apps diurnal

Story creation and consumption have increased since they launched, with over 1 billion Stories participated every day across the Facebook network of apps.

18. The Average Facebook runner addict engagement rate is 0.07

You aren’t the only one dealing with low engagement horrors on Facebook. The average Facebook runner addict engagement with posts on a runner was0.07 percent.

19. The median engagement rate for brands on Facebook is0.060

The brands see a median engagement rate of 0.060 across all diligence, which is more advanced than 0.47, the median engagement rate of all diligence on Instagram.

20. further than 1.8 billion people interact on Facebook Groups every month

further than 1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups every month. There are roughly 70 million admins and chairpersons running active Facebook groups, and further than half of all druggies are in five or further groups.


So, there you have it, folks! A quick stint of the expansive world of Facebook statistics.

But why do these figures count?

The stakes are high, with 3 billion yearly active druggies, and the openings are bottomless. The demographic, engagement, business, and advertising perceptivity we ’ve explored then aren’t just figures. Together, they form a compass guiding businesses toward a meaningful presence and economic growth.

By using these perceptivity, businesses can draft strategies that reverberate, juggernauts that allure, and posts that stick.

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