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Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers

Atico Exports stands at the forefront of laboratory innovation and expertise with its exceptional range of high-quality laboratory glassware. Mastering the technique of laboratory glassware is what makes us the flag bearer in manufacturing the most heat-resistant & non-reactive laboratory glassware.

The foremost laboratory glassware manufacturer, Atico Export has also established itself as the ultimate exporter of high-quality laboratory glassware. 

Renowned for its commitment to precision and durability, the glassware matches the requirements for a wide range of scientific needs, making it a go-to source for professionals seeking reliable and efficient laboratory solutions. Our reputation as a leading lab glassware manufacturer is built on a robust foundation of:

  • Striving for excellence from R&D to final product 
  • It is consistently delivering glassware that meets the rigorous demands of scientific research and experimentation.
  • Compliance with ISO / ASTM / DIN / USP & NABL Standards
  • Mark Of Excellence With Top Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers 

These certifications attained by the top Laboratory glassware exporters speak volumes about the assurance of unmatched quality. Clients worldwide from varied scientific fields often collaborate with top-level Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers, Atico Export. 

Salient Features Of Glassware by laboratory glassware suppliers/Laboratory Equipment suppliers: 

Chemical Durability: Top Laboratory glassware manufacturers use only borosilicate glass to manufacture their entire glassware range. The lab glassware manufactured by them has a very low chemical leaching rate. The leaching rate is less than 0.1 mg/NA2O per dm².

Thermal Resistance: High-quality laboratory glassware supplied by laboratory glassware suppliers is set to withstand any temperature range between -70°C to 500°C. You may be surprised that their manufactured glassware, in some cases, tolerates higher temperatures. No other laboratory equipment manufacturer can beat the thermal stability they offer. 

Coefficient of Expansion: Laboratory glassware manufacturers use borosilicate glass for its low thermal expansion coefficient (around 3.3 x 10^-6/K). Welcome all the sudden temperature changes with no fear of cracks or bursts. 

Mechanical Strength: The annealing process done by the most experienced laboratory glassware manufacturers enhances the glass’s strength. Hence, it can withstand an internal vacuum pressure of up to 1.5 bar, demonstrating its robust structural integrity.

Optical Clarity: The clarity of laboratory glassware is crucial for accurate measurements. The major benefit of sourcing lab glassware from laboratory equipment manufacturers is that it is of such high quality that it offers optical clarity that is above 90%. 

Optical clarity helps in precise volume measurements and observation of reactions. 

Unparalleled Dimensional Accuracy: How much precision does the lab glassware offer as a major index while sourcing lab glassware? With leading Laboratory Glassware manufacturers, lab users can be 100 percent assured that the precision glassware, which includes volumetric flasks and pipettes, is manufactured with a tolerance level of ±0.1% or better. 

Placing Order With Laboratory Equipment Exporters

With the top laboratory equipment exporters, the existing and prospective clients continue to get the upgraded laboratory glassware list. Here’s the structured lab glassware list by gives an insight into how each glassware serves specific purposes in a laboratory setting:

Volumetric Lab Glassware

  1. Graduated Cylinders: help measure various volumes of liquids.
  2. Pipettes and Burettes: specific lab operations require the transfer and measurement of accurate volumes of liquid. The pipettes and burettes are ideal for such applications. Sourcing these from Laboratory Glassware manufacturers assures the experimenter of the accuracy of these processes. 
  3. Containers and Beakers: use them for a general range of purposes mixing, stirring, storing, cooling, and heating chemicals.
  4. Test Tubes: Labs have operations that range from large and medium to small. The lab users need equipment accordingly. This is where test tubes fit perfectly. They are ideal for small-scale reactions, heating, holding, storing, cooling, and mixing chemicals.

For more information on laboratory glassware equipment that is supplied and exported by Atico Export, connecting with us directly is the perfect way. 

Distillation and Separation Laboratory Glassware Equipment

Condensers: they help cool vapors and convert them back to liquid, which is a vital step in the distillation process. 

Separatory Funnels: Your lab operations need these funnels in the extraction of liquid-liquid samples. It is the ideal lab glassware to separate the mixture into various components. 

Distillation Flasks: Lab operations cannot do away without distillation flasks. They need these to hold and separate liquids which have different volatilities or vapor pressures. 

Heat Resistant Glassware

Crucibles: Laboratory Equipment suppliers supply porcelain crucibles which are made with high thermal stability to let them bear the temperature from 1000°C to 1200°C (1832°F to 2192°F). Use these crucibles to heat organic, inorganic compounds, inorganic salts and more. 

Evaporating Dishes: Source the best quality evaporating dishes commonly used for easy operation of various lab processes such as evaporation, concentration, crystallization, precipitation, heating, and storage of substances. 

Besides these laboratory glassware, the A1 laboratory glassware supplier supplies these glassware, too. 

Specialized Measurement Tools

  • Burettes with Specific Graduations
  • Ostwald Viscometers
  • Reagent Bottle
  • Dropper Bottles

Miscellaneous Glassware

  • Watch Glasses
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Funnel
  • Thermometer
  • Watch glasses
  • Spatula
  • Crucible tongs
  • Test tube rack
  • Bunsen burner
  • Wash bottle

Enriching Lab Experiments With Laboratory Glassware Suppliers 

Better laboratory experiments need the finest laboratory glassware, which is possible only with a laboratory glassware manufacturer that meets the demands of modern scientific research. From precision measuring cylinders to specialized reaction vessels, laboratory glassware suppliers offer an extensive selection of glassware crafted with utmost care and precision. 

Addressing Concerns With Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers

While working in the lab with the lab glassware, there are bound to be certain concerns that you should only go to the experts. The team of experts at lab glassware manufacturers and laboratory glassware suppliers, Atico Export, is at the service of labs worldwide. Lab glassware requires more than regular upkeep and maintenance. The most important thing is that the users must follow the guidelines laid out by trusted and renowned laboratory glassware suppliers. With this the users shall experience better and more seamless operations and outcomes in their labs.  

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