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Custom Round Boxes

Today the role of packaging is much more than just the protection of product. Today brands are inclined toward the use of custom boxes because they serve in multiple fonts. If you are bored of using regular and common styles of packaging then it is high time to invest in custom round boxes.

With branding potential and protective ability, these boxes will not only help you increase sales but will also facilitate you in retaining your customers for a long duration. No matter what different product you are going to sell, the boxes in round shape will be your perfect partner.

If you want your customers to remain loyal to your brand then you must give them something that can increase their interest in your brand. Round cardboard boxes have this uniqueness that can help you reduce the churn rate of customers due to their versatile nature.

Why Use Custom Round Boxes?

To make your products versatile, it is necessary to pack them in an unconventional manner. Boxes in round shape are not commonly used, so if a brand starts using them it can dramatically increase customers interest in its product. With wholesale round boxes, you can increase the worth of your product and hence increase the revenue of your company.

Using the boxes you can get the following benefits:

  • Complete product protection
  • Uninqess
  • Branding
  • Cost reduction
  • Packaging Convenience
  • Use them as round gift boxes

Which Sectors Can Use Round Boxes?

If you are not selling products in a specific geometric shape then you can easily use boxes in a round shape. With the customization options, you can select boxes in any dimension as per the requirements of your product so that a befitting appearance of your product can be shown to the customers. The following sectors can use round boxes with lid:

  • Chandeliers
  • Bakers
  • Jewelry makers
  • Gift shops
  • Florist
  • Perfumer
  • Material Used In The Manufacturing Of Boxes

Although these boxes are highly unique and catchy the factor that makes them a bit more useful is their durability. A round box is manufactured with high-quality material that does not allow any kind of damage to your products. Your round box packaging will give your product ideal protection.

The best materials that can be used for round-box are mentioned below:

Cardboard: If you need a catchy and sturdy box then you can use cardboard as a primary tool to manufacture your boxes. This material has sturdiness as well as flexibility so you can safely store your product

Corrugation: Corrugated material is many times sturdier than cardboard. The fluted layers inside the box give high protection to the packed items and the outer printed layers give an attractive look to the boxes

Rigid: This is one of the most premium materials that has a woody consistency. So brands that sell premium products can use this material to manufacture round-shaped rigid boxes

What Makes The Boxes Versatile?

Many features of the boxes make them versatile which is why most companies have started investing in boxes. From style to the finishes all features of the boxes are classy that help you remain unique in the market. Some of the features of custom boxes in a round shape that make them unique are as follows:


The first feature of round box packaging that grabs the attention of the customers is its style. You rarely have seen products packed in this shape. As a wise business owner, you can grab this opportunity and design your boxes in a round shape so nothing but your product remains customers’ favorite.


Apart from the style of the boxes, the second thing that makes them a bit more alluring and beguiling is the presence of add-ons on the boxes. If you want to keep the designs simple and economical then you can use embossing or debossing on your boxes. Both these make your design distinct on the cover and give a premium feel.

If you have a big packaging budget or you want luxury round cardboard boxes then you can select foil stamping that will give a metallic glow to the design and a premium appearance to your box.


The final finish on the boxes is vital to increase the glam of your packaging. Among the multiple options of finishes, you can choose matte or gloss to give a corresponding covering to the boxes. With gloss, you can give a shiny look but the surface will not be resistant to fingerprints. On the other hand, with matte, you can get resistance from the fingerprints but the shine will not appear, instead a velvety look to the boxes can be achieved.

Final Words!

Make your product versatile with custom round boxes and get the attention of the customers. Multiple brands can use the boxes to make immense revenue. The boxes are manufactured with premium quality material so they can be confidently used to retain product quality. With several additional features in the boxes, you can outrank all your rival brands and become popular.

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