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An excellent way to make your vendors, customers, and employers feel appreciated is by organizing and participating in events and trade shows. Step and repeat banners are a great way to elevate an event, offering a red-carpet-style backdrop to place on a frame, and providing photo opportunities while marketing your brand. 

Step and repeat backdrops are becoming more and more popular with time, owing to their attractive repetitive logo patterns and sleek design. You can place the backdrops almost anywhere you want. Not only can these backdrops get people excited about the trade show or event, but they also help in elevating the brand marketing strategy like none other. 

However, you need to make sure that the custom step and repeat backdrop, you need to make sure that you are not making common mistakes. 

  1. Do Not Forget to Add a Personalized, Branded Message

Tailored step and repeat backgrounds, like trade show table coverings, have a special power to engage your target market and raise the memory value of your brand. When selecting a step and repeat banner for your upcoming event, prioritize incorporating personalized messages or designs. This can include promotional messages to further highlight recent product launches and maximize advertising impact.

Never underestimate the power of your step and repeat banners to attract potential customers and elevate the memorability of your event. These banners are strategically designed to transform your background, creating an ideal backdrop for selfies and social media uploads. To indirectly or directly influence your online presence, it’s crucial to brand them with elements that seamlessly connect them to your brand, making it effortless for customers to associate them with your brand.

  1. Make Sure the Logos are of the Optimum Size

When it comes to step and repeat banners, your brand logo is going to repeat itself multiple times in the design. Thus, it is important to choose the right banner size that does not blend easily with the background and yet stays visible to the customers. You should add 2-5 logos to the banner. It will ensure that the design looks minimal and makes you stand out from your competitors. 

It is important to consider the optimum logo size since you do not want it to get mixed with other creative graphics on the banner. Ensure that you A/B test various logo sizes and reach a conclusion so that it helps you get the appropriate traffic words for your booth. Also, you can check the logo design’s effectiveness simply by making someone stand in front of it to understand its visibility. 

  1. Use Subtle Colors

Even if you want the trade show products, such as step and repeat banners or custom printed table throws, you do not want them to appear out of place and loud. Opting for poorly contrasted or loud colors can make the stand and repeat banners look unattractive and impact your marketing strategy in various ways. In case your brand tones feature loud shades, you can consider toning them down and go for muted colors. 

You should understand that if you choose a vinyl step and repeat backdrop, the colors are going to look brighter. However, if you choose a fabric, it can appear weather when your potential customers view them from a distance. Make sure that you keep this in mind while choosing the colors. 

  1. Use Only High-Resolution Photos

Before finalizing your step and repeating the photo backdrop design, it’s imperative to double-check the print file quality. Opting for a low-resolution print file can lead to pixelation or distortion, detracting from the professional appearance of your image. Aim for a photo resolution of 300 pixels per inch to guarantee clear and legible graphics, regardless of their placement.

  1. Position the Logo Right

Prior to finalizing your step and repeat design, it’s crucial to arrange your logos thoughtfully, avoiding a cluttered pattern that disrupts the smooth and uniform repetition of logos. To assess this, consider generating a small sample swatch of your desired pattern and setting it as your desktop background using the “tiled” option. This allows you to evaluate the logo arrangement effectively.

Thoroughly checking the logo pattern before finalization is essential to uphold your brand’s reputation. An ill-considered pattern can cast a negative light on your brand, underscoring the importance of careful attention to detail in your design process.

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