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Impact of Technology in Our Lives

Over the last 2 to 3 decades, technology has come more and more a part of our diurnal lives, to the point where it has taken over our lives. Take a 

bit, stop reading this post and look all over you. What do you notice? Do you see tech, widgets, computers, videotape monitoring?

Notice how our lives are girdled by widgets and tech appliances. The PC at your office, the cell phone coming to your bed, the Wifi router, indeed your thermostat – all these are exemplifications of how technology has converted every aspect of our lives; some for the fine and others may not be so fine.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the rearmost feats in technology and dissect their positive and negative impact on our lives.

Positive Impact of Technology on Society

Smartphone Revolution

It was just over a decade ago when cell phones were primarily used for calling and transferring textbooks. moment, the uses of cell phones run the diapason. Phones do everything from taking high- resolution filmland to watching pixel-perfect vids, browsing the internet to playing graphic- ferocious games to covering your movements. It’s astonishing at how this small device can handle demanding tasks in addition to fulfilling introductory communication requirements.

The arrival of smartphones has simplified our lives immensely. People now connect with their loved bones more constantly and fluently through videotape calls and instant messaging services. Tasks, like creating slides, reading emails, and creating documents do n’t bear a PC presently.

In short, smartphone and application have changed the way we work, association and play. In addition, the booming expansion ofe-commerce and internet- grounded companies is directly commensurable to the rapid-fire proliferation of smartphones.

Negative Impact of Technology on Society

Less-Active life

While the smartphone revolution has made our lives readily, it has also made us lazy. moment, the whole world is at our fingertips, and therefore we do n’t have to work or move around like we did preliminarily to get effects done.

Our sedentary life and lack of physical conditioning can be incompletely attributed to theover-dependence on smartphones. This is especially true for the youngish generation, who are constantly fused to their cell phones. In the ultramodern period, cell phone dependence is having a negative impact on our lives. Care require to be extract to deal with this issue in an successful way.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The advancements made by the scientific and engineering community has turned Artificial Intelligence( AI) and robotics from wisdom fabrication to reality. Though we do n’t have mortal- suchlike robots like those depicted in pictures, intelligent machines are now a part of our diurnal lives.

suppose about advanced drones that are able of surveillance, shadowing, and obnoxious measures are n’t similar machines largely-intelligent robots? What about automated assembly lines in artificial shops that can handle the manufacturing and packaging of goods on its own?

Sophisticated machines that are able of working with minimum mortal intervention are sophisticated robots too. Driverless buses are yet another illustration of AI and robotics. With tech titans like Google, Tesla, and BMW involved in the product of driverless buses , it looks like we’re going to see tone- driving buses sooner than we may have anticipated.

While the conception of Robotics and AI sounds instigative, it isn’t without excrescencies. numerous people believe that the perpetration of robotics and AI’ll lead to mass layoffs and severance. We’ve formerly seen how plant workers lost their jobs when automated assembly lines were introduced. Now, with driverless buses , intelligent chatbots, and more knocking at the door, it may turn out that motorists and client support agents are going to have a hard time keeping their jobs.

Future of Technology

With each passing day, technology is expand by hops and leap. And despite enterprises about severance andover-dependence, proper use of technology holds a bright future for us. So, how can technology improve the future in a more acceptable way? Let’s take a look!

Clean Energy

Inordinate consumption of fossil energies has led our earth to the point of disastrous consequences. still, technology is helping us deal with this problem by developing clean energy. Development in the area of solar power technology has awfully reduced the cost of solar cells.

Generation of electricity through wind turbines has also gained a lot of instigation in the recent times. So, in the near future, technology can help us do down with dependence on fossil energies and embrace clean and green energy results. Additionally, incorporating innovations such as flat extension cords can further optimize the utilization of renewable energy sources, facilitating more efficient distribution and usage of electricity in homes and businesses alike.

Virtual Reality( VR)

Flash back Pokemon Go? Well, that was one of the foremost exemplifications of virtual reality going mainstream. Tech titans like Google, Facebook, and Nokia are spending a huge quantum of plutocrat to make VR experience better for the guests.

still, VR isn’t just about immersive multimedia experience. With time and farther developments, VR can be used for communication through holograms, for interacting with 3- D objects and other useful and educational purposes.

Education for All

A considerable number of the global population does n’t have access to quality education. With the help of the internet, anyone on this earth can have access to not only introductory education but also advanced motifs.

Reputed educational institutions from different countries are formerly recording lectures and publishing those accoutrements on the internet for everyone to watch and learn. With better internet connectivity and smartphones, “ education for all ” wo n’t be a pipe dream presently.

Flying buses

This sounds straight out of a movie, but flying buses might soon be mainstream. Amazon has formerly started delivering goods with the help of its drone line, and Google is working on erecting its own important drones.

A couple of launch- ups are also working on erecting flying buses . A flying auto for all intents and purposes is a drone that’s able of carrying people. There are formerly a sprinkle of flying vehicle proto- types Terrafugia has TF- X; confidante- V has the confidante- V1; Indigenous Peoples ’ Technology and Education Center( I- TEC) has the Maverick LSA “ Flying Car ”; and incipiently AeroMobils.r.o. has the AeroMobil3.0.

Final words

These are just a many of the amazing technologies that we will have in the coming times. The future is changeable and the possibilities are measureless. What’s coming? Teleporting? Anything is possible!

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