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Custom Pie Boxes

Today ready-to-eat products such as bakery items are becoming tremendously popular. Among all the baked goods, pies are ubiquitous and ever-green items that are consumed around the year. The use of custom pie boxes makes the pie-eating experience of the customer pleasing. 

All the bakers want to give the best to their customers and to attain this goal they must have to use quality packaging. Undoubtedly the market is swamped with generic packaging that is even available in different sizes and styles in which you can pack your pies. But the benefits that are associated with the use of custom boxes. 

Personalized pie boxes are an excellent device using which you can revive the sales of your bakery. The production of these custom boxes is a matter of huge concern as we have to select the perfect raw material to design the today’s discussion, we will throw some light on the use of custom boxes for pies that can revive a baker’s sales. 

Consider The Three Ps 

When getting the boxes we have to consider many things so that no flaw remains in the protection and presentation of our product. The rule of thumb to get perfect packaging is to consider the three Ps when designing pie packaging wholesale

  1. Promotion

All the brands want to get packaging that can give them promotion in the market and generate a reasonable presence of their brand. You can get the benefit of using your boxes only when you have promotional packaging and for this, you can add the logo of your company on the boxes. 

Your logo is your brand identity that gives you representation in the market. By using the logo printed boxes you can get free-of-cost promotion for your brand that will help you in getting the attention of the customers and hence the growth of your brand. 

  1. Protection

The other thing that your boxes must have is the protective ability. No matter how effectively your packaging is promoting your brand, if it is not able to protect the product then this means your custom pie packaging is unable to fulfill the primary purpose. 

Use high-quality materials such as kraft, cardboard, and corrugation to manufacture the boxes. The materials, although made of paper, have an impressive ability to keep the packed items safe and in sound condition. 

  1. Presentation 

Another aspect of the packaging is that it should be catchy so that it can give an elegant presentation to your product. For instance, you can use triangle shaped boxes and give an unconventional look to your pies. 

In the same manner, you can use add-ons and finishings on the boxes and make them appealing. The more your boxes are catchy, the more there are chances that you can get the attention of the customers which will ultimately lead to your sales. 

Add A Touch Of Uniqueness 

Bakers become successful on two things, the one is the taste of their products and the other one is the look of their packaging. Make sure that your packaging does not look like the boxes of other brands. In this regard, the following things will help you in the decoration of custom pie boxes: 


Use different types of printings on your boxes and increase the charm of your bakery boxes. Pies are preferred one memorable occasions and with packaging, you can further make the occasions of your customers memorable. In printings, color selection is quite an important task and with the right selection of hues, you can entirely change the game of your product.  

Box Styles 

Apart from colors, the style for personalized pie boxes is also important. Make sure that the style that you are going to use is not only catchy but also easy to use. For instance, you can simply choose a triangle box with a flip top or you can go with a sleeve packaging with a die-cut window. Some of the brands that want to make the product a bit more classy can go with handle boxes and so on. 


We had discussed add-ons that dramatically increase the look of the boxes and entice the customers. There are plenty of options for add-ons that you can use on the outer side of your boxes. For instance, you can select foil stamping that will make the boxes attractive and premium in look. 

On the other hand, if you have a small budget then the best practice that you can do is the use of embossing, embossing, and die-cut windows on the boxes to create hype for your product. 

Sum Up!

With custom pie boxes you can revive the stalled sales of your baker’s items. These boxes add a touch of versatility to your print so when the customers enter the shop they become fully hooked to your brand and happily invest in your delicious pies. 

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