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Fintech Companies

The top fintech companies use technology to automate or ameliorate fiscal services. But what are fintech companies and what do they really do?

Some well-known companies, such as Mastercard and Visa, are considered fintech businesses because they rely on technology to process payments, improve investment strategies, and develop new products and features.

Still, the word fintech frequently implies fiscal service companies and startups with technology at the van of their marketing, like Chime, Klarna, and PayPal. Fintech also conjures studies of cryptocurrencies, NFTs(non-fungible commemoratives), and simply online banking options.

We ’ve draw some of the greatest fintech companies ranked by their most recent profit reports( for intimately traded companies) 

14 Top Fintech Companies


Revenue: 823 billion

Headquarters Shenzhen, China

Tencent is a transnational empire that offers internet- related services and products. Through its investment and accessories, Tencent has a hand in videotape games, social media, adventure capital,e-commerce, payment systems, card payment processing, and smartphones. It’s presently ranked as China’s most precious public company and tenth in the world.


Revenue: $29.31 billion

Headquarters San Francisco, California

Visa is a transnational card services pot specializing in electronic fund transfers, frequently through credit, disbenefit, and repaid cards. While Visa does n’t advance plutocrat or open lines of credit itself, the company facilitates the relationship between druggies with Visa- ingrained cards and banks that give the finances. originally innovated by Bank of America in 1958, Visa is now the world’s alternate- largest card payment service provider behind Tencent.


Revenue: $27.52 billion

Headquarters San Jose, California

PayPal is an online payment recycling company easing plutocrat transfers for individualities, online merchandisers, and businesses. The company was innovated in 1998 as Confinity, specializing in security software for mobile bias. PayPal switched gears and concentrated on electronic payments in 1999.


Revenue: $22.24 billion

Headquarters Purchase, New York

Mastercard is the alternate- largest card payment recycling company in theU.S., behind its main rival, Visa. innovated in 1966, the company began as a collaborative possessed and controlled by over 25,000 fiscal service institutions worldwide. also to Visa, Mastercard offers ingrained disbenefit, credit, and reimbursed card services that connect consumers with banks and credit unions.


Revenue: $17.74 billion

Headquarters Brookfield, Wisconsin

Fiserv is a transnational fintech company innovated in 1984. The company specialises in fiscal technology services for banks, credit unions, securities brokers, insurance companies, and lenders. Fiserv’s services help to move plutocrat between individualities and institutions, including the fintech behind further than two million 


Revenue: $17.53 billion

Headquarters San Francisco, California

Block, previously recognized as Square, operates as a technology empire renowned for its payment platform that facilitates small businesses in accepting payments through smartphones and tablets. In 2009, Block pioneered this innovation and subsequently acquired or established other prominent brands. Among these is CashApp, which empowers individuals to transfer funds conveniently. Additionally, Block introduced Afterpay, a service enabling individuals to make affordable installment payments for products without the need for a credit card or loan.


Revenue: $14.37 billion

Headquarters Mountain View, California

Intuit is a software company innovated in 1983 that specializes in finance and business software programs. The company has created well- known enterprise and consumer software brands similar as TurboTax, CreditKarma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp. Through its products, Intuit offers account, duty form, payroll services, and particular finance aids to companies and individual druggies.


Revenue: $4.8 billion

Headquarters São Paulo, Brazil

Nubank was innovated in 2013 and has grown to come the largest fintech bank in Latin America. Nubank is a neobank, meaning it operates entirely online without any physical branch locales. The bank offers credit cards, particular loans, life insurance, and investment products.


Revenue: 14 billion

Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands

Adyen is a Dutch payment recycling company innovated in 2006. The company created a payment processing platform that allows companies to accept online payments via credit cards, disbenefit cards, line transfers, and real- time electronic fund transfers.


Profit: $3.19 billion

Headquarters San Francisco, California

Coinbase, officially named Coinbase Global,Inc., is an American cryptocurrency exchange platform innovated in 2012. Consumers can buy and vend cryptocurrencies, similar as Bitcoin and Dogecoin, through Coinbases’s platform and technology. Coinbase also mates with companies to help them process and accept cryptocurrency payments.


Valuation: $ 13 billion

Headquarters New York City, New York

OpenSea is anon-fungible commemorative( NFT) business innovated in 2017. Through its website, druggies can mint, buy, vend, and transaction NFTs. OpenSea also has a mobile operation for viewing the business and keeping track of bought or formed NFTs.


Valuation: $13.4 billion

Headquarters San Francisco, California

Plaid is a fiscal services company that focuses on erecting data transfer networks to support digital fiscal products and fintech services. Plaid’s platform links operations to stoner bank accounts, enabling consumers and companies to review their banking exertion and make payments using various mobile operations. Plaid provides the structure of connecting apps to banks for other fintech companies, like Chime and Venmo.

Polygon Labs

Valuation: $ 20 billion

Headquarters N/ A

Polygon Labs, formerly Matic Network, is a blockchain platform innovated in 2017 in Mumbai. The company aims to ameliorate the way to mine, buy, and vend Ethereum- grounded cryptocurrencies. also, the company is expanding into other tech and fintech spaces, similar as artificial intelligence andnon-fungible commemoratives( NFTs).

Ant Group

Valuation: $78.54 billion

Headquarters Hangzhou, China

Ant Group, previously known as Ant Financial, innovated in 2014 and is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. Ant Group owns several digital banking and fiscal service brands, including Alipay, the world’s largest mobile payment platform.


We’ve reached the end of our list of companies operating in the fintech space in 2024.

As you can see from the startups on our list, they concentrate much of fintech on developing innovative products to make common fiscal tasks (like transferring finances and opening bank accounts) easier for guests. Along with automating tasks that would traditionally bear a fiscal counsel.

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